Where the are lessons held?

Lessons are held either in your home, our East Cobb location, or online via Skype.

What should I expect to learn in our lessons?

This is a question I receive very frequently from prospective students. 

For beginner guitarists,  we will usually start by going over the basics of the guitar (different parts of the guitar and their function, how to hold the pick, how to place the fretting hand, good playing posture, guitar notation etc.) before moving on to playing some easy exercises or melodies to acclimate the student to the instrument. Our next goal after this would be laying out some short term goals for the student to work on, as we believe it is imperative for the student to have something to work towards, as well as being rewarded when these goals are met!

For Intermediate guitarists, we would begin by going over some of the concepts same concepts taught to beginners since many young guitarists today start learning using youtube videos or other unconventional methods, these aren't usually very detailed, and the student cannot receive feedback or responses to any questions they may have, this often leads to gaps in the knowledge of many fundamental concepts. After this we would begin to learn about the different picking methods (Economy Picking, Alternate Picking, Hybrid Picking, Finger Picking etc.) as well as delving into music theory, scales, and chords. We would also begin to learn songs (of course taking into consideration the students music taste) and decide on short and long term goals for the student.

Advanced Guitarists should expect to learn more advanced theory and more advanced techniques (sweep picking, string skipping, combining multiple advanced techniques) as well as working towards any goal the advanced student may have.

Music Theory students should expect tutoring on any school related needs (many students out there are enrolled in AP Music Theory or college music theory classes) as well as establishing a strong foundation in scale, chords, harmony, voice leading. Many students are also interested in songwriting classes or assistance, as well as scoring/composing.

Do you provide practice materials?

Yes, I provide practice materials such as chord/scale diagrams, tablature, and notation for any exercises or music covered in both my in person, and online lessons.