Online Guitar Lessons through Skype

Skype Guitar Lessons are held in my home studio with students from all around the world. As long as you have Skype, and a decent internet connection, we can connect from anywhere in the world. I am also able to send lesson materials as well as create HD videos to demonstrate different techniques and exercises covered in the lessons. I teach Beginner-Advanced players and will design my lesson plan to cater to your individual needs. My goal is to teach you a strong foundation in music theory, sight reading, chords and chord theory, scales and modes, transcription, modulations, and improvisation, while maintaining all of the fun and wonder of learning to play a musical instrument as wonderful and fulfilling as the guitar. I am very patient and encouraging with all of my students in order to ensure their success. Music is beneficial to people of all ages, its never to late (or early) to start.

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