Studio Shot

Sergio Pacheco

      When I was 14, I received my first guitar as a gift from my parents. From then on, I was hooked! For the first few years, I stumbled on my own, dedicating hours daily to the guitar, yet making little progress. It wasn't until I started taking lessons at a local conservatory that I began to see bigger improvements in my playing.

      With my teacher, Federico Musgrove-Stetson, I began studying classical and contemporary electric guitar. Eventually, I began taking lessons from renowned classical guitarist Jose Adan. I was also taking electric guitar and music theory lessons from Teemu Maantysaari, the Finnish guitar wiz. Most recently I have been studying jazz and jazz fusion with Joe Chawki.

      As a player and teacher, I truly believe that the learning never stops and we must constantly push our own boundaries in order to improve. This is something I believe not just for myself, but for my students as well.